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How to Keep Spiders, Bugs, and Insects Off Security Cameras

If you have a security camera outside your home, you may notice cobwebs obstructing the view from time to time. In the spring and summer months, when insects are out more, you may be wondering how to keep spider webs off of security cameras outside your house.

The Challenges and Security Risks of Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest, as well as 5G wireless networks, are transforming homes. They’re no longer static shelters, but rather, personal spaces for hyper-connected living.

How to Prioritize Online Security While Working From Home

Everyone seems to be concerned about cybersecurity these days. Recent polling data from The Pearson Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that around 90% of people are concerned about protecting themselves online. Yet many people don't know about all the sneaky ways that cyber criminals can gather information. This leaves them wide open for attack.

The System’s Heartbeat: Fire Alarm Control Units

The heart of any fire alarm system, the component that brings it all together, is the fire alarm control unit (FACU).